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6 tips to help you sleep cool during the blistering hot summer

6 tips to help you sleep cool during the blistering hot summer

It's another record-breaking summer this year. Is it just us or does it seem to get hotter every year? Heat waves have been hitting us all in full force. We put together our best tips to help you sleep cooler and more crisp every night. Who knows, you might even be able to save a little on your AC bill too!

1. Remove your mattress pad or protector

Mattress protectors can increase the longevity of your mattress and keep it cleaner for longer. Mattress pads are designed to increase comfort for your mattress by adding a layer of foam padding.

The truth is, these items can block the flow of heat away from your body through your mattress, causing you to sleep hot and uncomfortable. The same goes for pillow protectors. If you tend to sleep warm each night - it's a good idea to ditch the mattress pad or protectors during the hotter seasons.
All 5 Authenticity50 Heritage Blankets on a bed; Island Sand, Coastal Blue, Prairie Yellow, Desert Blush & Cascade Gray

2. Replace your comforter with a lighter cover

Those heavier covers, comforters and duvets are perfect for the winter months. Once the temps start rising you might find it best to pack away those heavier covers and invest in a decent, lighter-weight cover or coverlet. 

We recommend giving our Heritage Blankets a try! (Money Back Guarantee under our 100 Night Sleep Trial) These blankets are skillfully crafted by a family-owned & operated weaving mill in Maine. We use a herringbone weave and 100% cotton for a timeless design that will keep you cozy without the excess heat.

I bought this blanket & I am so happy I did. It is well-made, generously sized & the perfect weight for warmer weather. This is my third purchase from this company & certainly not my last. I love buying great American made goods. Thank you! -Mary H.

3. A good fan cures all

It sounds obvious but a small investment in a decent fan to circulate the air in your bedroom makes a huge difference! We recommend this affordable Lasko which is Made in America. But just about any fan will do!

A fan is also a great way to drown out distracting noises, acting as white noise while you sleep. Sleeping with a fan is notorious in the South. Guess it makes sense with the level of heat and humidity experienced in a southern summer. Phew! We are getting warm just thinking about it.

Woman grasping her Authenticity50 cotton percale Signature bed sheets and Heritage Blanket, helps you sleep cooler in the hot summer months

4. 100% cotton, breathable percale bed sheets

If you are sleeping warm at night, your bed sheets could be the culprit. Sateen sheets are generally woven tighter which restricts airflow, making it a lot hotter for you while you sleep. You will also want to consider the fabric and material. Steer clear of bamboo, polyester and other synthetic blends. Cotton is best for moisture wicking and temperature regulation.

For your coolest sleep in the summer, you'll want to to look for 100% cotton bed sheets with a percale weave for maximum breathability. Check out these Signature Sheets, proudly made in the USA from Seed-to-Stitch®. You can try these amazing bed sheets risk-free for 100 nights!

These sheets are truly light and airy. If you are a hot sleeper, these are the sheets for you. Love that they are American made, "Seed to Stitch" and use the best quality cotton. I've seen how some less expensive sheets wear and tear after a few years. These are like the sheets grandma had, last forever and get softer with age. -Ali L.

5. Upgrade your pillow, ditch the down & feathers

If your pillow is older than 1-2 years it's probably time for a new one anyways (here's why). Down and feathers are well-known for their amazing insulation properties, but you don't want that around your head keeping your warm all night!

Ditch that old feather pillow and upgrade to a Custom Comfort Pillow today. These pillows feature a washable, removable cover with cooling properties. We also include a zippered gusset on the side so you can add or remove the fill to achieve that perfect level of support, without the heat. 

"I have tons of back and neck issues, this pillow helps so much!" -Jenny Marrs, HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous

Authenticity50 Custom Comfort Pillows stacked - these pillows feature a washable and removable cover designed to help keep you cool while you sleep

6. Stay hydrated and take a cool shower before bed

As if you needed one more reason to drink plenty of water. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day can actually help you sleep better at night and helps you stay cooler. Pro tip: You'll want to slow down on the water consumption a little before bedtime so you're not up all night having to use the restroom.

Rather than a hot shower, try taking a cool one before bed. The sudden drop in body temperature can make you sleepy and helps you relax right before bed. It also helps to have a cool, dark bedroom. Ever tried falling asleep in a hot room? Talk about impossible...

We hope you enjoyed these tips. Do you have any suggestions to add? We'd love to hear them so comment below! Be sure to keep Authenticity50 in mind when you need new bedding, pillows, and bath towels. All of our products are 100% made in the USA from Seed-to-Stitch®. Shop our collection here.

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I am so disappointed that you frequently do not have sheets, In sets or singles. I check and you never have queens. Do you have any idea when you will have some? I want a set but will be happy with a fitted, any color.

Lorie Steinbeck

I have ordered the sheets and pillows an I love them both. Would like to know if there is a way to get more filling for the pillows? After time, would like to add some filling to make them a little more filled in the middle. Thank you for your prompt reply.

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Ellen L. (Chicago, Illinois)
Best blanket!

Love the blanket, it's my favorite!

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Beautiful Looking, Warm and nice and large!

Very Pleased with this oversized comforter. Always had a down. But this blanket feels more secure and is just the right weight when sleeping and is pretty on the bed vs. White. We got the blue herringbone. Its a well made USA product.

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Best blanket!

Beautifully woven and quality stitching around the edges. The weight is perfect and so cozy and comfortable. I love this blanket. Best blanket purchase ever! Thank you for making it so well.

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Great Blankets

Excellent quality, nicely sized (other companies have smaller measurements for a queen size blanket.) Beautiful color and it arrived quickly. Who could ask for more?

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Bought one for my wife and one for me for Valentines day. we are both retired we can’t believe it took us this long to purchase these great blankets. we didn’t know what we were missing!