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5 tips to sleep cool and reduce your AC-bill

It's another record-breaking summer this year. Heat waves have been hitting us all in full force. Here's a few obvious, and not so obvious, tips to help you cool down, get a restful night's sleep and reduce those AC bills.

1) Remove your Mattress Pad or Protector. These can block the flow of heat away from your body through your mattress, causing you to sleep hot. We have a mattress pad that we use in the winter but remove in the summer for a noticeable difference in coolness.

A made in USA fan to keep cool

2) A Good Fan. It sounds obvious but a small investment in a decent fan to circulate air in the room makes a huge difference! We use this model by Lasko which is Made in America and less than $40 dollars.

Made in USA Bed Sheets

3) Percale Bed Sheets. There’s a reason percale sheets are known to sleep Cool and Crisp. Sateen sheets are generally woven tighter and restrict airflow. Percale is a breathable weave helping to regulate your body temperature. You can find a nice Made in America set here. :)

4) Use a light blanket. A light-weight linen or cotton blanket is a great way to cool down in the summer. The material is breathable and doesn't retain heat. We use a blanket from Bates Mill that we really enjoy. We are also working on our own Made in USA cotton blanket for future release. (If you have any suggestions of favorite designs let us know :)

5) Take a cool shower before bed. Rather than a hot shower take a cool one before bed. This is a great way to bring your body temperature down so you can relax and get cozy before sleep. Also, using a cool compress on your forehead can greatly help during those hot summer nights.


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Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald


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