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American Manufacturing

Our Cotton

The foundation of any great sheet set is great cotton, and we went with the best available: California-grown Supima®. Celebrated for its extra-long staple, California-grown Supima, also known as American-Egyptian cotton, is 35% longer than regular cotton, which makes the fiber 45% stronger and considerably softer. Supima® accounts for less than 3% of the cotton grown in the United States, and comes fully certified by the Supima® association. And while that makes it 2x more expensive than regular cotton, the expense is well worth it.


Our yarn is spun at a high-tech facility in Georgia that opened in 1996 and employs 140 people. The parent company was founded in 1812 and is the leading spinner of Supima® cotton yarns in the USA.


Our yarn is then shipped to a textile mill less than 100 miles away where it is woven into sheeting on some of the most advanced machinery in the United States. The mill has been family owned since the 1920’s and employs more than 300 people. 25% of their workforce has been with them for more than 25 years, and they are one of the last facilities in the US that can still weave wide sheeting fabric.

Cut & Sew

The finished fabric is then cut and sewn at a third generation family-owned factory that is specially set up for wide sheeting-style products. They employ more than 50 people, and every one of them possesses years of expertise.