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Prices increase on November 1st - A note from our Founders 

At the end of this month, we’re celebrating three years since we successfully launched Authenticity 50 via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Our goal and mission has always been to provide you - our valued customer & loyal supporter - with amazing luxe bedding proudly made 100% seed-to-stitch® in the USA. With a supply chain and structure that is transparent & supports hundreds of local jobs, prices that are fair, and premium products that provide an incredible value. 

We are the first company to revive American-made bedding - since it left our shores in the 1980’s. And trust us, it hasn’t been an easy venture. AT ALL. We’ve walked a very fine line between manufacturing the best sheets right here (which are costly to produce), providing hard working Americans with fair wages & working conditions, and eliminating the crazy retail markups that you find in name brand retailers and department stores. (They will take a $10 set of imported sheets and put them on a shelf for $200 - and make you feel like you got a deal when they go on sale for 20% off!)

Our Prices
As you know, we offer amazing products & service to our fabulous customers - at prices that are fair to us, our manufacturing partners & workers, and most importantly, you. But our costs are going up across the board. Shipping prices have increased dramatically; Supima cotton (considered the finest on the market and used in 100% of our products) has become much more costly (partly due to a spike in demand from revelations that most Egyptian cotton is fake); online marketing costs have gone up, and most significantly, our manufacturing & finishing costs have risen as energy prices and wages have increased. We're proud to offer our valued customers - you - Free Shipping and a generous 100 Night Sleep Trial, but they are expensive to maintain.

Our prices have remained the same since we started the business 3 years ago, and we’ve resisted raising them as long as we could. We know our Signature Series Sheets are not cheap - but you will always get an incredible value with our expertly crafted premium products, and they are well worth the investment. When you think about it, no other item you own gets more use than a set of bed sheets. They are used 365 nights a year, 8 hours a day!

Our prices will increase proportionally to our rising costs, on average by 20%. However, we will be able to maintain current pricing on Twin and Twin XL Sheet Sets, as well as our popular Envelope Closure Pillowcases.

The Good News
You have until October 31st at midnight to purchase at our current prices before they go up. We value transparency and want you to have ample time to load up your linen closets & buy those holiday gifts before the price increases.

Please note: The current pricing will be limited to items IN STOCK, and when they sell out (most will), they will not be available at the old pricing. The only exceptions are the White King and Queen Signature Sheet Sets which are currently sold out - sign up via email for the Back in Stock notification to receive a coupon code valid for 3 days, for the old price.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank you for your continued support. Without you, Authenticity 50 wouldn’t exist! What started as a crazy dream on Kickstarter has become a huge movement - thanks to people like you who believe in the value of American-made, and understand the importance of keeping jobs and industry alive here. We promise to continue to keep our product & customer service standards at the level of excellence that you deserve.

Together we’re bringing it back to the States, one sheet set at a time.

To a great night’s sleep on A50 sheets,
Steph & Jimmy


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