A50 Renewed on RND2

We at Authenticity50 believe that supporting our small towns and local communities with our domestic manufacturing process also means supporting the environment around us. We do not want to see our products end up in landfills as unusable waste, harming the planet. Instead, we want to give them a second home, and the chance to be enjoyed again!

In partnership with Tersus Solutions, we’ve developed A50 Renewed on RND2, an innovative renewal program for any returned, used, or defective A50 products. Tersus is the industry leader in waterless cleaning, having successfully developed the most advanced technology to clean, sanitize, and deodorize garments and textiles to a Like New condition. Through their innovative machinery that utilizes recycled liquid CO2, Tersus is able to provide a more efficient, effective and environmentally positive cleaning solution; it is superior to traditional water-based methods. Other brand partners include Patagonia, one of the pioneers in the upcycling movement, The North Face, and Eileen Fisher, among others.

Their RND2 renewal team then inspects, sanitizes, repairs and renews each item, to ensure they meet a stringent standard and are in excellent condition. Each certified renewed item is then sold on the Tersus RND2 site, providing a substantial discount and value to customers looking for A50 items!

renewed american sheets
renewed american sheets
renewed usa sheets and blanket


Each Authenticity50 returned item sent to Tersus headquarters in Colorado, is initially inspected to determine its condition and status for renewal. Items that meet RND2 standards continue through the process, and unsatisfactory items are then upcycled or recycled - avoiding a landfill.


Using Tersus’ LCO2 waterless technology, each piece of Authenticity50 product is washed to a Clean as New standard. Any stains, discoloration or imperfections are cleaned and removed with their industrial cleaning machinery.


The professional repair team at RND2 makes any and all necessary repairs, in order to re- store each item to Like New condition. This can range from stitching loose or broken seams, mending holes or tears, fixing buttons, or replacing ties and zippers. Any repairs made adhere to our high quality standards and fully refurbish the item.


Every item (whether it needed repairs or not) is fully inspected to ensure it functions prop- erly, and is without signs of exterior wear. Once it becomes officially certified as Renewed, it’s co-branded with a RND2 tag , and added to the RND2 online store - allowing you to purchase authentic A50 items at an incredible value!

renewed american blanket
renewed american towel
renewed american pillow

We’re thrilled to offer you an opportunity to purchase Authenticity50 items via RND2.co. By doing so, you’re helping us close the loop on landfill waste, and help keep the industry circular. If you don’t see your preferred item, size or color on our website, check out RND2! There’s limited inventory, but you might get lucky, as new items pop up on the site every so often. Thank you for your support and interest in Renewed on RND2. Happy shopping!