The best thread-count for a durability and comfort


Now you see 1,000 thread count sheets but you just can’t get that many threads on a loom,” says Pat Slaven, a textile expert at Consumer Reports.

You’ve heard it before: the higher the thread-count, the better the sheets. But, the truth is far from the sales pitch. In most cases, a higher thread-count means lower quality.


does thread count matter

250 vs 1,000

An honest 250 thread-count sheet has 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads. A 1,000 thread-count sheetalso has 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads. But the manufacturer uses a thread that has 4 plys (ie, it’s made from 4 thinner threads twisted together) and then quadruples the count.

THEM: Cheap Multi-ply Yarn

More often than not, this 4-ply thread is made with cheaper, weaker cotton that requires the extra plys because it’s less durable. So, in most instances, a higher thread-count is actually an indicator of an inferior product.


single ply yarn vs multi ply yarn

A50: Fine Single-ply Yarn

At Authenticity 50, we use the highest quality, extra-long staple Supima® cotton. This allows us to spin an extremely fine yet durable single-ply thread. And that thread makes for a much softer, and longer lasting fabric. So you can enjoy our sheets for years to come. 

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