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Timeless Design. Incredible Quality. We love you guys because you recognize that you get what you pay for. These 5 high-quality, American-made products will go the distance and look great doing it.

1) Liberty Tabletop Flatware

Liberty Tabletop Made in America Flatware

Great silverware dresses up your dinner like nothing else. Just like A50, Liberty Tabletop are the ONLY people left manufacturing their products in America. All their competitors have abandoned our shores for cheaper labor overseas. Part of a Made in America revolution, they are bringing flatware back from the brink and making it in Sherrill, New York. Made of 18/10 stainless steel their designs range from clean, modern to intricately detailed. They sell direct to customer at their website Here.

2) Griswold of Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Griswold Cast Iron Skillet - American Made

Finex Cast Iron Skillet

There's something about looking at your stovetop and seeing a skillet that will last another 100 years. Cast iron is still the best cookware - naturally non-stick, you can fry eggs or sear an amazing steak and they will last multiple lifetimes. Our personal Griswold skillet was cast in the 1920's, and is still going strong! For Griswold Cast Iron your best bet is Ebay.

If you want an updated version of Griswold check out Finex, made in Portland, Oregon with a smoothly finished cooking surface and clever handle design. Prices start at $129, check them out Here.

3) Brahms Mount Blanket


Brahms Mount blanket, Woven in Maine

Let's face it, your bed is not where you want to worry about the latest trends. These amazing Brahms Mount blankets are always in style, always classic, and made on vintage shuttle looms in Maine. Just like our Supima cotton sheets, they get softer with use. They are not cheap, starting at $429, but quality rarely is.

4) Primo Ceramic Grill

Primo Grills, Made in America

Full disclosure, we don't own one of these, yet. But we have been drooling over them and they are next on our buy-list! They are HEAVY duty, the junior grill weighs 145 LBS and can grill up a great meal for you and your guests! These grills are made to last and come with a 20 year warranty. You can check them out Here and learn more Here.

5) Room & Board Solid Wood Desk


Room and Board Desk, Made in the USA

These desks will dress up your living room or home office. Beautiful, thick, Cherry, Walnut and Maple hardwood tops always make a room look great. You see, the best designs never go out of style - hardwood and steel, what's not to love. Made in Minnesota from domestically sourced hardwoods. Starting at $639 at Room & Board.

And if you need a set of great sheets don't forget to try our A50 Signature White Sheets, always in style and UNIMPORTED.

Need More Ideas?

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Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald

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October 26, 2016

Just found your website and blog. Love to see more products manufactured in the USA! We are a cookware/bakeware manufacturer that is making serious foodies take notice. Non-toxic products that performs like cookware should. No weak, non-stick, chemical finishes here! Check out

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