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Values Driven

We're Jimmy & Steph, the Husband/Wife Co-Founders of Authenticity 50.

After we got married, we wanted to invest in Made in USA items - as we knew they would last for years. Avid sleepers, we searched high and low for luxe bedding made here but had no luck. We slept like babies on USA-made sheets at a bed & breakfast, but the innkeeper sadly lamented that these were her last sets; production moved to China years earlier.

After months of research, we realized two things: It’s expensive to manufacture bedding here. And the traditional retail markup model inflates consumer prices by up to 10x!

If we created an amazing product and cut out absurd markups, we could offer great value to customers, support hundreds of jobs, and provide fair wages & working conditions to American workers.


Our sheets are what we call ‘seed-to-stitch®’ made in the USA. The entire manufacturing process and every single part of our product - from growing the cotton, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the fabric, to our military-grade buttons, recycled packaging, and woven tags - is made here. It requires over 500 American jobs to produce, from coast-to-coast.

Authenticity 50 was founded on the belief that we can make the finest home goods in the world, authentically in the 50 States. We don't compromise on quality or values. We don't manufacture overseas and we never will.

Honest Bedding, Made in USA

In 1960: 90% of textiles used in American households were produced here. Today: less than 3%. We are reversing this trend. We’ve partnered with the best factories to produce the best products.

Our products will never be the cheapest but they will always be the best value. We're not imported. We're UNIMPORTED.

We hope you join our movement to bring luxe home goods back to the States - one sheet set at a time. Thank you for your support!

Our Prices

Decades ago, the price of something was based on where it was made, and what it was made out of. Sadly, that's no longer the case.

No Middle-Men

These days you're paying for Super Bowl commercials, billboards in Times Square, and myriad other non-essentials that drive up prices without adding value. Huge advertising budgets are paid for by using cheap labor and materials overseas.

Direct to You

We've cut all of that out. With our sheets, you're only paying for what you get: luxury quality bedding, made from the finest cotton in the world at the best factories in America. And, we sell our sheets direct to you - straight from the factory floor to your bedroom - without a middleman retailer or their mark-up.

Fair Prices 365 Days a year

We don't markup our prices to $400 a set so we can put them on sale for $250 and convince you that's a deal. Instead we offer the same prices, 365 days (and nights) a year - so you know you're getting a fair price. Our products are not cheap but the pricing is fair to you, our hard-working manufacturing partners and us.