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Fabric Design

  • Thread-Count

    At Authenticity 50, we set out to create products that you will love to use EVERY day. No marketing gimmicks, no markup, no hype. Just a quality product at a fair price. 100% Made in America.

    250 Thread-Count = 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads

    750 Thread-Count ALSO = 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads

    The DIFFERENCE: the 750 thread-count sheet set has 3-ply yarns, they then triple the thread-count.

    3-ply yarns are often made of cheaper, weaker cotton and are less desirable than high quality, extra-long staple single-ply yarns.

    The bottom line: Higher thread-count sheets are a total marketing gimmick. The sad fact is that these sheets are often an indicator of inferior cotton and lower quality fabric.


  • Best Weave for Sleep

    We wanted the best weave for your night’s sleep. Crisp, comfortable, cool and long lasting.

    The Percale Weave has the perfect characteristics for a great night’s sleep.

    - A crisp, cool hand-feel.

    - The same weave as luxury hotel linens or your Grandma’s comfy sheets.

    - Great durability while maintaining softness.

    - Breathability; it provides a ‘cool’ sleep on warm nights and ‘warm’ sleep on cool nights.

    - Will stand up to years of use.

    - Easy to care for.

    How Percale compares to Sateen:

    - Percale will sleep cooler, last longer and create a lovely micro-climate around your body to help regulate your body temperature.

    - Sateen will initially feel nice but degrade quickly with washes and use, sleep hot and pill more with use.


  • SUPIMA® Cotton, The Foundation of a Great Sleep

    The foundation of a great set of sheets and a great sleep is the cotton. Egyptian and Supima® cotton share common ancestry. We wouldn’t settle for second best for our cotton, which is why we use Supima® cotton for our sheets.

    Unlike Egyptian cotton, Supima® is grown exclusively in the USA, and is verified for quality and consistency. Grown in California, nearly 3x the price of standard cotton, we use only the finest Supima® cotton in our sheets.

    - Less than 1% of the cotton grown globally and less than 3% of the cotton grown in the USA can be called Supima®.

    - Supima® cotton’s 35% longer staple length contributes to 45% stronger fibers (in comparison to lower-quality, long-staple cotton.)