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What is special about Authenticity 50?
Our products are Authentically made in the 50 States. We are the ONLY company designing and manufacturing Luxe Bedding 100% in the USA. There are many options for imported bedding. Authenticity 50 is UNIMPORTED. You know you're supporting American jobs when you purchase our products. We know you'll love your A50 bedding and back it up with our 100 Night Sleep Trial.

Will Authenticity 50 sheets fit my mattress

Will your sheets fit my new mattress?
Our Signature Series Sheets and Duvet Sets are specifically designed to fit modern Bed in a Box foam mattresses. They also fit traditional spring and foam mattresses up to 16" deep and are held in place by nice, 360 degree elastic on the fitted sheet. 

What depth mattress will your sheets fit?
Our sheets will fit mattresses up to 16" deep. 

Will your fitted sheet stay in place on my mattress?
Our sheets have thick elastic around the full 360 degree perimeter of the fitted sheets to hold them in place. This high-quality elastic is milled in the USA by a company that has been in operation for decades. 

Returns & Shipping

What is your return policy?
You get a 100 night sleep trial and if for any reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations we will take it back. Just contact us at and we’ll arrange for you to ship your A50 set back, and get a refund. Our customer service team is in Monday - Friday and we generally respond within 24-48 hours. 

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is FREE to all 50 States in the USA if you subscribe to our email newsletter. If you want to do us a favor and save us a few bucks, have your items shipped to your office. We recommend this because someone will be there to receive the package safely - it’s a win-win. Orders are shipped the day after an order is placed. Most orders on the East Coast arrive within 2 days. We do NOT offer free shipping to PO Boxes due to added costs. If you would like to ship to a PO Box please add USPS 2-3 day shipping at checkout or the order will be declined.

PO Boxes: Do you ship for free?
We do NOT offer free shipping to PO Boxes due to added costs. If you would like to ship to a PO Box please add USPS 2-3 day shipping at checkout or the order will be declined.


Is your checkout process secure?
Yes, we take your security seriously. Checkout is secure on all devices including computers, smartphones and tablets. We use industry leading encryption, the same as Large Banks. (Our checkout server is encrypted using Level 1 PCI Compliant hosting and 256-bit SSL Certificate Encryption.)

Do you accept Apple Pay or Paypal?
Yes. We have been approved by and accept payments via Apple Pay and Paypal.


Do you offer a gift-wrapping option?
No. But rest assured that our sheets ship wrapped in tissue paper in one of our amazing mailer bags or branded boxes(pictured above). No pricing information is included in the packing slip so your gift will not show the price. We also offer Gift Cards as an option. 


What depth mattress will your sheets fit?
Our sheets will fit mattresses up to 16" deep. You can find our Size Chart HERE.

When will you offer more colors?
Our fabric is special, we've worked with our manufacturing partners for nearly a year to develop it. Nearly all bed sheets are made overseas from stock fabric that is simply rebranded. We are the ONLY ones who use our fabric and in order to run more colors, we need volume. We are now building up the volume we need to introduce colors one at a time. Our first color Carolina Gray will be available soon!

Are your sheets wrinkle-free or non-iron?
Our sheets are NOT wrinkle-free or non-iron. We minimize chemical wrinkle treatments for better breathability, durability and a softer hand. Our Signature White sheets are formaldehyde-free; our Carolina Gray has a very low 30 parts per million of formaldehyde, significantly less than the standard 260 parts per million in anti-wrinkle treatments. We chose a great night's sleep over wrinkle-free chemicals. 

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What is the deal with Thread-Count, Egyptian vs Supima cotton and Percale vs Sateen weaves?
Get all the answers in our blog post, The 7 Myths of Bedding.

Percale vs Sateen. Which sheets are right for me? 
We believe that the Percale weave, when done right with the right manufacturers and cotton, simply can't be beat. There's a reason all the top luxury hotels use Percale sheets. It's more durable, sleeps cooler, regulates temperature efficiently, and has a fabulously crisp hand feel that we LOVE. The downside is that it is more wrinkle-prone than Sateen, but we can live with a few wrinkles for a great night's sleep. For a more in-depth answer check out our blog post on the subject HERE!

What provided the inspiration for this product?
We love American-made products, and actively seek them out. When a Made in USA version of something is available, we choose that over the product made overseas. Our apartment is filled with Made in USA furniture, cookware, utensils, tables, and furniture. Our closets are filled with shirts, jeans, pants, workout gear and all kinds of other apparel made right here in the States - from great, young companies like ourselves. We looked high and low for premium American-made bedsheets - and couldn’t find any on the market. So we worked with our manufacturing partners to create one. We’re proud to say that we are the ONLY option for premium Made in USA bedsheets, from 100% Supima® cotton.

Why did you choose Supima® cotton rather than Egyptian cotton?
The short answer: Supima® is a premium Extra-long staple Pima cotton that is VERIFIED by the American Supima Association. Most Egyptian cotton is not grown in Egypt, it is grown in China and India. And there is also no verification system for Egyptian cotton (as there is with American Supima®.) So consumers really don’t know if they are getting a high-quality cotton or not. Check out more information HERE and an article in the Wall Street Journal HERE.

What is your thread-count and why is it not 800, 900 or 1000 thread-count?
The short answer: Contrary to popular thought, thread-count is NOT a true indicator of quality. In fact, sheets marketed as having a higher thread-count are usually made of cheap cotton that is not counted in an honest fashion. In order to create high quality sheets, you need to use the finest cotton and work with great manufacturing partners. We work with the best manufacturers in the USA - with a combined experience of more than 200 years! Authenticity 50 sheets are an HONEST 250 thread-count, a perfect balance of strength, softness, and durability. The in-depth analysis is on our blog HERE

Why should I care about Made in USA products?
According to economists if we all spent $64 a year on American-made products we'd create an additional 200,000 jobs! If you’ve made it to our website, you probably care strongly about premium Made in USA products, and keeping industry here in the States - we LOVE that. With your help and support, we can change this trend and bring these jobs back.


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