Carren Jao

"Unlike other companies that claim their products are made in the U.S.A. based on where their cotton is grown or their bedding is sewn, Authenticity 50 offers sheets that are made domestically from seed to stitch. The cotton is grown in the San Joaquin Valley; the thread is spun in Georgia; and the fabric is woven, cut and sewn in the Carolinas."

David Muir

"From the cotton to the weaving of the fabric, to the final cut and sew - all of it done here. And they're not just making bedding, they're using their fabric to make masks too. Keeping their workers on the job and donating more than 20,000 masks. Now there's a gift idea that will keep giving. "

Jackie Reeve

"These sheets felt like the perfect way to welcome summer...
They’re soft, thin, and cool—like a lightweight button-down. I found them airier than some of the cotton sets on this list, including the Snowe and Brooklinen sheets, with a looser weave and texture similar to linen (but less scratchy)."

Los Angeles Times

A bedding tip sheet

"The husband-and-wife team has scoured the country for partners that would allow their company to produce bedding made in the U.S., in the process learning what makes a great set of sheets."

It begins with quality cotton

"The Supima Association of America knows every grower it works with, so when you say Supima cotton, it has a verified provenance." -Stephanie

Percale breathes

"Percale weaves is the best to sleep in except for those with extra sensitive skin." -Jimmy

Count the stitches

"More stitches per costs more to manufacture, because it takes longer for the sewer to finish, but the sheets won't fall apart after multiple washes." -Jimmy

Wrinkles welcome

"Rather than search for wrinkle-free sheets, try placing your sheets on your be as soon as they're done drying."

Seek an honest thread-count

"Given that sly bit of math, an 800-count sheet could really be a 200-count sheet made using 4-ply yarn."

Will Price

"We tested 31 different sets...
You’ll be hard-pressed to find the same mixture of craftsmanship, materials and company-wide transparency for less than $200"

Jackie Ku

"The only issue with the sheets is that they can't stay in stock! Just the waiting list alone has reached over 2,000 people, and rightfully so!"

Alyssa Clough

"Turns out, transparency is kind of their thing. The name of the husband and wife team’s company was born from the fact that all of their products are authentically made in the 50 states."

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