Authenticity50's Climate Commitment

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We clean up after ourselves.
Here's how we do it.

Local & Transparent Supply Chain

Authenticity50 was founded in 2015 with the belief that we can manufacture the finest home goods in the world, right here in America. Our premium bed sheets, bath towels, pillows, duvet cover & duvet are all manufactured 100% in the USA in a process we call Seed-to-Stitch®. From the initial cotton seed down to the final stitch, all of it's done here close to home. You can learn more about our manufacturing partners here.

In one of our blog posts we covered the Environmental Benefits of American-Made and how US manufacturing is significantly cleaner when compared to countries like India & China. According to the US Dept. of Commerce these 2 countries represent 24.2% of U.S. consumer goods. What's worse is these numbers are expected to continue to rise. Through both state and federal regulations, American manufacturers are subject to tight emissions standards and have the proper policies in place to dispose of dangerous chemicals and other waste for a cleaner environment and climate. Needless to say, when you choose a "Made in USA" product you are choosing a product that has substantially less of an impact than its overseas alternative.

      ZERO Container Ships

      That's right! It's not a common statement for a company to make in this day and age. But it's something we pride ourselves in, for many reasons. Authenticity50 products travel on average 5,000 less miles when compared to the rest of the U.S. bedding and home goods industry. Container ships single-handedly cause more pollution than all of the cars on the planet combined. We are proud to say that every single product we sell is made just a few miles down the road from where you live. This completely cuts out the need for an overseas boat trip on a rusty old container ship.

      Authenticity50 Products Travel on Average 5,000 less miles than imported bedding.

      Mindful Products

      Another step Authenticity50 has taken towards a cleaner planet can be found right in our products. Harsh chemicals and spills are iconic for causing devastation to any local environment. Just think of what they'd do to your body? We've made it a priority since the beginning to reduce as many chemicals and pollutants as possible during our manufacturing processes. You can see this commitment in action:

      Heritage American Sheets

      • Cotton is a natural-grown plant and it serves as the foundation for most of our products. We use a 100% cotton percale weave for our premium bed sheets. Cotton is a cleaner choice for the environment and also the best choice for your bedding when compared to synthetic fibers like polyester. Ever woke up in the middle of the night sweating? You were probably in polyester sheets as they do not regulate your body temp well.
      • Most people's jaws drop when we tell them that a majority of bed sheets on the market today contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde...yea that's the stuff they use in embalming. It's specifically used in "wrinkle-free" treatments for bedding. We said "pass" and opted for more wrinkly sheets. We didn't think you'd mind.

      Custom Comfort Pillows

      • You lay your head on a pillow typically for 1/3 of your life. That's a lot of close contact! When we were designing our Custom Comfort Pillows we knew we had to use a fill that would be supportive, comfortable while also safe and environmentally-friendly. We chose CertiPUR-US® foam and created a proprietary blend to give you a customizable level of support, without the heat. This special blend of fill contains ZERO ozone depleters, ZERO heavy metals like lead and mercury, and contain no PBDEs or the following Tris flame retardants: TCEP, TDBPP, TDCPP or TEPA

      Comfort Temp Duvet

      • We didn't have it in us to pluck poor little ducks for their feathers, we also didn't like the idea of using synthetic fibers. For our Comfort Temp Duvet, we opted for climate beneficial wool! This certified wool is ethically raised on a sheep farm in California with a Carbon Plan to minimize any impact to the climate.

      Free Carbon Neutral Shipping

      Every time you place an order on our website we use a formula to calculate the estimated shipping emissions to get your A50 goods from our warehouse directly to your door. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue from your purchase goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipment created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies. This is all done at no additional charge to you!

      With your help, A50 has funded $1,334.88 in carbon removal from 5,334 carbon-neutral deliveries. This represents a total delivery distance of 5,007,132.09 miles and a clean removal 19,621.14 lbs of shipping emissions. This is what that adds up to:

      Infographic: We've removed 19,621.14 lbs of shipping emissions, which is equal to 567,454 smart phones charged, 1,005.96 gallons of gasoline consumed, and 22,063.64 miles driven by car.

      Recycled and Biodegradable Shipping Materials

      Every order you place will  biodegradable materials for our shipping boxes and recyclable mailing sleeves. Invest in eco-friendly and recycled packaging.

      Picture of an Authenticity50 with a recycling logo

      A50 Renewed

        To keep our products out of landfills, we’ve partnered with Tersus Solutions to create A50 Renewed. Tersus uses environmentally friendly methods to inspect, sanitize, repair, and renew items. Learn more about A50 Renewed and how to be in the loop about our quarterly A50 renewed sales!

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        Why do we do it?

        American manufacturing streamlines the local supply chain and supports our small towns, local communities, and skilled textile workforce, all while minimizing the carbon footprint on Earth.

        We aim to reduce global pollution.

        International cargo ships account for a great deal of transportation emissions. The textile industry in particular produces an excessive amount of unnecessary carbon emissions. We keep all our growing, harvesting, production, and finishing in the US for this very reason.

        We go above and beyond to reduce energy emissions.

        US coal and natural gas power plants are subject to tighter restrictions on reducing and cleaning carbon emissions than their foreign counterparts. Stricter federal and state regulations create safer working conditions for workers and reduce environmental impact.

        Check out this blog post to learn more about why our Made in USA model is better for the environment.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 425 reviews
        Best Blanket Ever

        Exceptional construction and attention to details. The weight is perfect for year round use. We’ve tried many different bedding combinations and fabrics and there’s nothing like cotton! The size on my King was generous and the weave pattern is smooth and comfortable I feel the cost is reasonable for an all American made blanket. Highly recommend

        Karen R. (Richmond, Virginia)
        EXCELLENT quality

        LOVE this blanket. We'd had it with thin cotton blankets that over stretch -- this one is such high quality, I understand why they call it 'heirloom.' I gave 4/5 stars only because I waited MONTHS and the neutral colors didn't come back on line (why?) so I had to order the yellow color to get for my bed what I already had for two couch/chair throws. Make more -- and make more neutrals!

        George R. (Huntington Beach, California)
        Heritage Blankets are made to last!

        I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Authentically50 Heritage Blankets, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations! As someone who values quality and authenticity, this blanket truly hit the mark.

        Overall, I can't recommend the Authentically50 Heritage Blankets enough. Not only is it a testament to American craftsmanship, but the outstanding customer support provided by Patrick truly sets this company apart. If you're in the market for a high-quality blanket that's made to last, look no further!

        George Rivera,
        Huntington Beach, California

        N.D. (Irving, Texas)
        Prairie Yellow is Gorgeous

        Perfectly complements our southwest pillows...this is a beautiful shade of yellow. I searched a lot of bedding sites! Don't be dissuaded by the price; this blanket is a good investment. The quality is great....edges are neat, weight is perfect for year round use, generous size, and the weave is so beautiful you can actually use it as a coverlet as I have. I will soon purchase a second one (desert rose) for our guest bedroom. This blanket is a bit more expensive, but not luxury priced, making it a great value proposition for the years of use it will give.

        Tony M. (Nashville, Tennessee)
        Great fabrics and colors great feel! Quality!

        Wonderful selection of fabrics and colors, love the flow of texture and the quality of goods.