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american grown supima cotton

Supima® cotton is widely considered the finest cotton available by textile experts. It's the foundation of our sheet sets and the loops in our towels. Celebrated for its extra-long staple, California-grown Supima®, also known as American-Egyptian cotton, is 35% longer than regular cotton, which makes the fiber 45% stronger and considerably softer. Supima® accounts for less than 3% of the cotton grown in the United States. And while that makes it 2x more expensive than regular cotton, the expense is well worth it.

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woven in USA bedding

Our Signature Sheets and Essential Towels are woven at a weaving mill in America renowned for their quality. If you've ever stayed at a 5-star hotel and loved the sheets and towels - there's a good chance they wove them. They employ more than 200 people and the plant is more than 4 football fields long. The employees, from the plant managers all the way down to the loom teams are experts at what they do.

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made in usa comforter

Our Comfort Temp Duvets are still made by hand - because good things take time. The knotting of the wool is done by a team in Michigan across the street from their main building where the wool is cleaned and prepped for the comforters. No chemicals are used and the machinery has been lovingly restored to make products like the good old days. The best comforter you can buy at any price, Made Seed-to-Stitch® in the USA.

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american made blankets

The coziest blankets start with the finest weavers - for us it's a family owned business in Maine. We spent over 2 years developing our blankets and they deliver the quality, softness and durability of a great blanket that can be passed on to the next generation.

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american made pillows

Our pillow manufacturer is family-owned for more than 30 years. A pillow with a better design - our Custom Comfort Pillows allow you to adjust the fill to get YOUR perfect sleep. Say goodbye to neck pain in the morning and sleep good knowing your pillows is Made in the USA from quality materials, CertiPUR-US® foam and sewn by hand.

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Sewn in
New Jersey

made in usa bedding

Our Signature Sheets are still sewn by hand for higher quality. There's simply no replacing an experienced technician who's been sewing products for years. Our team in New Jersey is family-owned with extremely high standards - they're simply the best in the business.

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