Comfort Temp Duvet

  • Puts Comfort in Your Life

    Does having better temperature regulation sound like a great way to improve your sleep? Our Comfort Temp Duvet inserts use wool as the insulator to keep you cozy. Perfect when one person sleeps hot and the other cold - no more fighting over the covers. We recommend this comforter for the Fall, Winter and Spring - for Summer we recommend our Heritage Blankets. And this wool comforter is made by hand the good old fashioned way - utilizing our custom-made cotton ticking fabric and wool from climate beneficial sheep in California. Pairs perfectly with our Duvet Cover.

    • Corner Ties: We recommend you use a Duvet Cover with this product and have sewn in corner ties so your duvet stays put.
    • Wool: Natures perfect insulator - it keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's warm.
    • Cotton Ticking Fabric: Our custom 100% made in USA cotton ticking fabric is only available on our duvets. Made to last a lifetime.
    • Clean: Naturally anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. Our wool duvets never should be washed. When you want to clean them put them outside on a sunny day and let nature freshen them up.
    • Heirloom Quality: This product will last a lifetime and can be proudly passed down from generation to generation.
  • Size Dimensions
    Queen 90 x 92
    King 108 x 94
    Width x Length x Depth in inches
All deliveries are carbon neutral
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"Very soft, wool stays equally distributed, regulates temperature magnificently and the craftsmanship is second to none! Love this comforter and will recommend to all my family and friends!"

- Craig D.

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Detailed product images of Authenticity50's made in usa wool comforter duvet
Detailed product images of Authenticity50's made in usa wool comforter duvet

Your body temperature regulated

Do you sleep hot while your partner sleeps cold? Or do you wake up hot and sweaty even in the winter time? Our Comfort Temp Duvets are designed to better regulate body temperature so you’ll sleep comfortably in all but the hottest months. And you can save money by running your heater less, keeping your room cooler, but sleeping perfectly cozy.

Wool is a miracle fiber - it’s antimicrobial, odor resistant, dust mite resistant and reduces allergens. All while doing a better job of regulating your body temperature and keeping you dry by allowing water vapor to evaporate away. It also has a nice weight so you feel like you have a substantial blanket over you which contributes to a better sleep. And we look after the little details - like corner ties that secure your duvet insert to the cover. And a custom cotton ticking fabric that is woven for us in South Carolina.

Sourced from a mill operating in Michigan since the late 1800’s, and still made in the same style that’s been in production for over 100 years. A tried and true, timeless design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Queen size has 3.5 lbs of wool and King size has 5 lbs of wool. We feel these are the best weights for year-round use. For most people in most climates the answer is yes, it will be too warm for summer. During the summer time our Heritage Blanket is the perfect topper over your flat sheet.

We recommend you always use a comforter / duvet with a duvet cover - our A50 Duvet Cover is a perfect fit and comes with corner ties to keep the duvet perfectly positioned. This allows for protection from stains and spills - and is easily washable to prolong the life of your Comfort Temp Duvet.

We take care of our customers and offer free shipping for orders to the lower 48 states, as well as Hawaii, Alaska, and APO. Orders are typically shipped within 1 business day, and most orders are delivered in 2 business days.

  • The wool in our Comfort Temp Duvets is naturally antimicrobial and does not require standard washing care.
  • Never use a washer or dryer; this includes the hand wash cycle.
  • We recommend hanging or laying your Duvet in the sun to naturally freshen it up.
  • Size Dimensions
    Queen 90 x 92
    King 108 x 94
    Width x Length x Depth in inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews
    Isak L.
    Good duvet

    Definitely need a duvet cover for this, but overall a good temperature for me, not too hot when it’s warm and warm enough when it’s cool out.

    suffocating and not holding up

    I have had this duvet for just under one year now, and I really wish I had not bought it. It does not 'regulate' temperature at all and I always wake up overheated. This should have triggered me to return it within 100 days, but by that point I forgot because it was summer, so I wasn't using a duvet anymore. At this point it is wearing down to nothing at the edges, leaving the loft uneven and lumpy. The claims of temperature regulation and a lifetime of use are completely false. I wish the wool had stayed on the sheep, and the money had stayed in my pocket.

    Hi Luke,

    Thank you for your purchase and for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with you Comfort Temp Duvet. It's very rare that we have a problem with this product, and the wearing down you are describing is quite unusual. We are very interested to hear more about this! Please be on the look out for an email from our customer service team ( so that we can assist you further! Thank you again for your feedback,

    Team A50

    Elijah S.
    Really nice!

    Sometimes gets a little too warm, but that's usual for me. If you're run hot when sleeping, I might recommend something else. Otherwise I'm completely happy with it. Great quality product.

    Andrew E.
    Love to buy Made In USA

    Excellent quality!!

    Duvet perfection!!!

    This duvet is really, really beautifully done - the quality is outstanding - it lies perfectly on the bed and looks simply fantastic!!
    Can't wait for the duvet cover to come back in stock - thanks guys!!

    manufacturing images of authenticity50's wool comforter duvet being made using antimicrobial wool, ethically raised from sheep in california
    manufacturing images of authenticity50's wool comforter duvet being made using antimicrobial wool, ethically raised from sheep in california

    Made in USA from Seed-to-Stitch®

    For some products the old ways are the best ways and that’s the case with our hand-made Comfort Temp Duvets. We work with a mill that has been operating since the early 1900’s. Some of their machinery is originally designed to be turned by horse, hence horsepower. The duvets are hand-knotted to keep the wool from migrating around the duvet. They are then sewn by hand, one at a time, to our specifications. And they take time to make so we get them in limited batches.

    Just as importantly we use Climate Beneficial wool from happy sheep raised in Northern California. The process of raising these sheep actually rebuild soil and removes pollution from the air, putting carbon back in the ground. It’s truly one of the cleanest fibers on the planet. This is a heritage quality product that you’ll be able to pass on to the next generation.

    Authenticity50 founders on Los Angeles Times home and design section

    We're Jimmy & Steph

    Everyone told us it’s impossible to make textiles here in America. We didn’t listen and launched Authenticity50 via Kickstarter in 2015. 

    In business for over 7 years we’re proud to be the first company dedicated to bringing back American-made bedding and bath products. We’ve even expanded our collection to include cotton sheets, blankets, pillows, duvets, and towels - 100% Seed-to-Stitch® Made in the USA!

    We hope you'll join us in our mission to support American workers and make the best products here, at home.

    Imports are a dirty business - we're cleaning it up.

    Other duvets: 9,500 miles traveled

    Comfort Temp Duvet: 2,300 miles traveled

    We proudly use Climate Beneficial Wool and zero smog-belching container ships to manufacture our Comfort Temp Duvets. The act of humanely raising the sheep actually sequesters carbon back into the ground and out of the air in a manner that reduces pollution. It’s one of the most environmentally beneficial fibers in existence and helps rebuild soil. And the processing of the wool is done the old fashioned way without chemicals or oils. Instead they use bathtubs of hot water to wash the wool - a process rarely used because of lengthy washing and drying times which slow production.

    imported container ship causes pollution and smog

    U.S. Based Customer Service

    Do you hate how most companies outsourced customer service to a call center in some far off country? We do too.

    If you ever have an issue with your product you can reach out to our US-based Customer Service team by clicking HERE and we'll take care of you.

    And don't forget you have 100 nights to test any product you buy from us. If you don't like it we'll pay return shipping and issue a full-refund.