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by Fiona Gredvig April 20, 2022 2 min read

If you saw the recent episode of HGTV’s Fixer To Fabulous: Welcome Innyou may have noticed Jenny Marrs gushing over a box of bedding that is Seed-to-Stitch® made in the USA. “Oh my gosh, it’s such a nice pillow!” Jenny exclaimed, cuddling up to the new pillow.

Jenny Marrs holding Authenticity50 Pillows made in USA from Seed to stitch

Jenny Marrs unpacking her Authenticity50 Custom Comfort Pillows for the Welcome Inn. Authenticity50’s Pillows and Sheets are 100% Made in the USA, from Seed to Stitch®.

In the newest spinoff of this renovation series, The Welcome Inn, husband and wife team Dave and Jenny Marrs took on the task of converting a historic home built in the 1870s into a charming bed and breakfast. Everything has been updated and turned into a luxurious family vacation destination, while still holding on to its original charm. In order to honor the heritage qualities of the Welcome Inn, Dave and Jenny Marrs chose to furnish the bedrooms with bedding from Authenticity50, which is 100% made in the USA from seed to stitch®. From the furniture Dave makes by hand in each room, to the woven cotton blankets on each bed, the Welcome Inn has a focus on quality craftsmanship.

Pillows, Made in the USA

Instagram post from HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn featuring 100% made in USA from seed to stitch pillows

@thewelcomeinn_rogers shares a photo of the pink bedroom at the Welcome Inn, complete with Custom Comfort Pillows and a Desert Blush Heritage Blanket from Authenticity50. 

After trying out the Custom Comfort Pillows, Dave and Jenny decided to provide them for all who book a stay at the Welcome Inn, which can comfortably host up to 8 guests. Jenny wrote on Instagram: “I cannot wait for our guests to try out the @authenticity50 pillows and sheets. Dave says I’m being dramatic but, I’m telling you, their Custom Comfort pillows have changed my life. I sleep so much better and no longer wake up with a kink in my neck every day. You all are going to love them!”

American Made Sheet Sets

Sheet Sets made in the USA seed to stitch, featured at HGTV's Welcome Inn

Like each bedroom at the Welcome Inn, this first floor bedroom features a King bed with cotton sheets made 100% in the USA by Authenticity50.

It’s not just the American made pillows guests will be trying out. Each of the bedrooms is fitted with Authenticity50’s Signature Sheet Sets, which are also made in the USA from seed to stitch®. These 100% Supima cotton® sheets are known for their breathability and cool comfort, and only get softer with time.

Heritage Blankets, Woven in Maine

Heritage Blankets 100% Made in USA from Seed to Stitch at HGTV's Welcome Inn

The pink bedroom features a Queen bed with a Signature Sheet Set, Custom Comfort Pillows, and a Heritage Blanket from Authenticity50. 

The lucky guest staying in the pink room - one of our favorites! - can cuddle up with their own Heritage Blanket in Desert Blush. We love how Dave and Jenny kept the original color palette for this room, honoring its previous life! The pastel Heritage Blanket works perfectly with the hand painted wallpaper.

If you’re looking for a vacation with family or friends, you can book a stay at the Welcome Inn. Guests staying at the historic home featured on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous will love sleeping on 100% American made bedding. Want to experience bed and breakfast coziness in your own home? Check out our Custom Comfort Pillows, Signature Sheet Sets, and Heritage Blankets here. 

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