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by Fiona Gredvig April 29, 2022 3 min read

What makes the best blanket - cotton, wool, or fleece?

Women in bed smiling, wrapped in Desert Blush Heritage Blanket from Authenticity50


Not every blanket is as cozy as the next. You may have tried a variety of throws or bedspreads that don’t have the weight, softness, or warmth that you’re looking for. For something so personal, you want to consider more than just the look and size when buying a new blanket. When choosing a blanket, there are three popular options - cotton blankets, wool blankets, or fleece blankets. We found that one option stands out among the rest.


Dog laying on a couch with Blue Cotton Blanket from Authenticity50

Blankets can be a simple way to accessorize a bedroom or living room, and they can also provide a sense of comfort and much needed coziness after a long day. When you’re shopping for a blanket online, there are endless options. How can you decide what blanket will work best for you? After trying out a variety of styles, we found that it’s a cotton blanket that has it all - perfect softness, breathability while still keeping you warm, and easy to clean. Here’s how these blankets stack up.

#1 Cotton blankets

We found that cotton is the best material for blankets because it stays soft with lots of use and washing, keeps you cozy and warm on a cold day, and is perfectly breathable for use in the summer. We also love how easy they are to care for - because of their durability, cotton blankets can be washed in the washing machine on cool or warm, and dried at a low heat. 

The durability and softness of cotton inspired us to design our own woven cotton blanket - The Heritage Blanket. Featuring an updated herringbone style, these blankets are woven in Maine, and made with 100% American grown cotton. Available in Prairie Yellow, Coastal Blue, and Desert Blush, you are sure to find the perfect blanket to color up your space. 

Authenticity50 label sewn into Desert Blush Heritage Blanket

"This blanket is beautiful - simple, easy to use and care for, and great in any season. But it's more than just beautiful - it's made close to home, provides jobs for our friends and neighbors, and is a testament to American quality and workmanship at the same price point as cheaply-made blankets imported from the other side of the world."

- Mary A. 


#2 Wool blankets

We have to appreciate how warm wool blankets are. When it comes to camping or really layering up your bed on a cold winter night, wool blankets are great for holding in heat to help keep you warm. What we don’t love about wool blankets is that they are a bit more effort to keep clean. While wool is naturally antimicrobial and does not require the same sort of care as some other materials, this can make a spill or pet accident more challenging, as you cannot machine wash or dry wool. 

#3 Fleece blankets

While fleece blankets feel like the softest, snuggliest choice at first, they hold up the least well in comparison to wool or cotton blankets. After use and wash, fleece doesn’t hold the same softness as it does when you first touch it. Fleece blankets are typically made with a blend of polyester and other synthetic fibers. While fleece blankets can be made with recycled products, they are the least natural option when compared to wool blankets or cotton blankets. When it comes to the end of your blanket's life, fleece blankets are not biodegradable and can even contribute to the harmful amount of microplastics found in oceans, rivers, and lakes.


Prairie Yellow Cotton Heritage Blanket by Authenticity50, woman wrapped up with tea

In short, we decided to partner with our manufacturing team in Maine to weave our Heritage Blankets with 100% American grown cotton to give you a blanket that is the perfect blend of soft, warm, and breathable. It's perfect for every season, and goes with any style. With free shipping and free returns, plus a 100 Night Sleep Trial, what are you waiting for? Give these cotton blankets a try today.

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