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by Fiona Gredvig April 08, 2022 3 min read

When choosing a memory foam pillow, it can be hard to know what to look for. Do you want solid foam, or shredded foam? Extra firm, or extra plush? How do you know which memory foam pillow is right for you? There are a lot of questions, so we’ve broken down what we think are the most essential things to consider when picking out your new pillow. We tested all different kinds of fill, including down and down alternatives, hard foams, soft foams, different blends of foams, and a variety of materials for the covers before we landed on the best combination for a great night’s sleep.

Authenticity50 Memory Foam Pillow Made in USA


Our main considerations for designing the perfect memory foam pillow were:

  • Breathability and sleeping cool 
  • Supportive, but not uncomfortably hard
  • Adaptive for a variety of sleeping positions; side, back or stomach sleepers.

Breathability and sleeping cool 

Some say that memory foam can be too hard to sleep on. You may have felt a memory foam pillow that seemed squishy and light, until you laid your head on it all night and it turned into a rock! Not only do solid memory foam pillows seem to harden with use, but they can also hold and absorb body heat. No one wants to have to flip their pillow in the middle of the night just to cool down! We wanted to harness the supportive nature of memory foam, while also eliminating the negatives. This is why we decided to experiment with a shredded memory foam blend.

Authenticity50 Customize memory foam pillow stuffing

Supportive, but not uncomfortably hard

After extensive trials, we found that a customizable shredded memory foam blend is the best option for a memory foam pillow. Having a pillow with shredded foam, as opposed to a solid foam piece, means that you don't have to worry about your pillow getting too hard OR too hot. Our Custom Comfort Pillows are easy to fluff up or remove/add fill as you need to adjust for your firmness preference. Simply unzip the side gusset to reveal the fill, and you can remove or add the fill to your exact liking. Because our Custom Comfort Pillows are so easy to personalize, it makes them great for a side, back, or stomach sleeper. The ability to customize the fill level also means that a bundle of two Custom Comfort Pillows is perfect for any couple. If you like a firm pillow, but your partner likes a soft pillow, you will both have no problem staying comfy all night! 

Adaptive for a variety of sleep positions - side, back, and stomach sleepers

Some bedding companies provide predetermined firmness options for their pillows. This can be difficult for the customer who prefers to shop online, as you are taking a huge risk in trusting the company to make the right selection for you. With so many options out there, you want to make sure you have all the information you need before making your purchase. Thankfully, Authenticity50’s Custom Comfort Pillow takes all the guesswork out of your order! The choices are endless and completely up to YOU! Your pillow arrives, and you want it to be firmer? Send an email to and we’ll have extra fill sent to you right away. You want your pillow to be softer? Simply unzip the outer cover, revealing the inner pillow. You can remove fill to your exact liking, without having to rely on the choices made by the bedding company.

Authenticity50 Customizable Memory Foam Pillow


“We’ve tried down, foam, memory foam, polyester fill, and even full feather pillows, just to name a few failed experiments. None compare to the soft yet dependable support these A50 pillows have offered.”
-Jay L.

Our Custom Comfort Pillows are in stock now, in Standard and King Sizes. Order one today knowing you’ve made a great choice - with a totally customizable feel, free shipping, and free returns with a 100 Night Sleep Trial, you can’t go wrong! 

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