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What if we told you the best sheet thread count was 250?

Crazy, right?

All over the internet, you see sheet sets with 1,500 thread count, and the more the better, right? So why is 250 ACTUALLY the best?

Here’s the deal:

Anything above 400 thread count isn’t really a high thread count sheet. It’s actually just a sheet with multi-ply thread.

When you see a thread-count higher than 400, the number is nearly always a lie.

Here’s what we mean:

single ply vs multi ply yarns

See this picture? High thread count sheet sets are REALLY just sheets made with cheap multi-ply yarns. They do a little magic marketing math, and BOOM! Before you know it, you have a 200 thread count sheet set being sold as a 600 thread count sheet set.

600 Thread-Count Bed Sheets
  • Truly a 200 thread-count fabric.
  • Cheaper, 3-ply yarns instead of quality single ply yarns.
  • 3 X 200 = 600.

And that is how the sheet thread count game is played.

what thread count is the best for sheets

So what do the best thread count sheets really look like?

In the end, it’s really about the textile used and the weave — Supima cotton, a Percale weave. The thread count of a sheet set is just a part of what makes it any good, the material it is woven from is what makes you sleep like a baby.

Here’s what we look for in the very best sheets (hint: 1,500 thread count sheets definitely don’t make our list):

An honest thread-count with single ply yarns.

For soft, cool sheets that hold up for years, 180-280 thread count is a perfect range. Authenticity 50’s sheet sets are 250 thread count (because it’s what we like sleeping against too).

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Extra-Long Staple Cotton Sheets

Cotton is the best material for sheets because of its breathability and durability. It’s smooth and cool to the touch, and doesn’t make you break out in night sweats like microfiber or polyester will.

Conventional cotton fibers are pretty short, and the shorter the fiber, the scratchier the feel. Extra-long staple cottons like Pima and Supima cotton make for the best sheets because their fibers are soft and long.

We love Supima cotton because it’s the softest and most durable, has the best breathability, and is verified by the American Supima Association to be 100% the real deal — with no filler fibers, and nothing fake.

Percale Weave Sheets

How the cotton is woven is what makes the biggest difference in how it feels when it rubs against your skin.

The Percale weave is what fine 5-star hotels use (and clearly they’re doing something right). It’s the right weave for 95% of sleepers because it sleeps cooler and helps regulate body temperature. It also lasts longer than a sateen weave and has a crisp feeling that resists pilling (those funny little balls that build up on cheap polyester sheets).

High Thread Count Sheets Are All Hype

Sheets are a huge deal around here, but when it comes to thread count, we don’t believe in bogus marketing. The reality is that anything above a 300 thread count sheet is almost always a complete fabrication, and you’re paying for that marketing.

Sheet thread count comes down to the type of fiber used and whether it’s of high quality, not necessarily how much of it is used. A cheap material at 1,500 thread count won’t feel NEARLY as good as a nice Percale Weave Supima cotton sheet set with an honest 250 thread count.

Pay for what matters — a good night’s sleep.

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Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald

8 Responses

Isabella Reyes
Isabella Reyes

April 15, 2019

Very well said! Thanks for writing about the importance of thread count in bed sheets.


November 27, 2018

Thank you for the informative article. Does the same logic hold true for a comforter as well? Would a comforter with a 200-300 thread count be ideal? Is there a specific comforter you recommend to go with your sheets?


July 20, 2018

Thank you for your informative article

Matt Rock
Matt Rock

April 19, 2018

Thanks for this! Very helpful article.


March 22, 2018

Thank you for the help!

Bobbie Lassiter
Bobbie Lassiter

March 15, 2018

Thanks for your help


October 19, 2017

Thanks for this explanation! I love what your company stands for and I’ve been very happy with your product. It ticked all of boxes for features I wanted for a reasonable price. And now I feel like I know something most people don’t about thread counts!

wanda stearns
wanda stearns

October 09, 2017

so its better to have a low sheet count, I slept in a 1500 count last night, and the sheets felt so cool.

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