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What bed sheets for my Tuft & Needle, Saatva, Purple, Casper or Leesa Mattress

Bed sheets for mattress in a box

You just did it. Whether it's a Tuft & Needle, Saatva, Casper or Leesa Mattress. You saved thousands by buying a bed in a box rather than a tempurpedic or store brand.

You want sheets that will fit. The good news is that most any sheets will fit these new mattresses. The bad news is that not all sheets are created equal. Why spend money on a great mattress and then skimp on the sheets which are, after all, what your body is touching in bed.

What to look for:
- Thick elastic around the perimeter of the fitted sheet.
- Thread-count? An honest thread count in the 200-300 range is best. Interested why? Learn more here.
- Extra-Long Staple Cotton. Supima is the best. Did you know 90% of all Egyptian Cotton is fake? Supima is grown in California and verified. It's also about 3x the price of regular cotton. 
- Enough depth. These new mattresses are usually around 10-12" deep. Make sure the sheets you're buying are deep enough. Authenticity 50 sheets will fit mattresses up to 16" deep.
- Percale or Sateen? Percale is the best weave for 90% of people. It sleeps cooler, lasts longer and is preferred by the finest hotels. 
- Made in USA. Why sleep on imported sheets made in factories overseas with god knows what chemicals? Match your American-made mattress with American-made sheets. The quality will be higher and your sheets will last longer. 

Mattress in a box bed sheets

Interested in learning more about bed sheets? Check out our 7 Myths of Bed Sheets blog post where we share the TRUTH about bed sheets. 

Would you like to check out an amazing set of bed sheets that are 100% Made in USA from seed-to-stitch? Check out our Authenticity 50 Signature Series Sheets

Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald


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Authenticity 50
Authenticity 50

June 22, 2017

Hi Susan, thanks for your question and interest in our sheets! As a matter of fact we will start offering our first color in July, with more to come after that. Please sign up for our email list to get notified.

Thanks again!
Authenticity 50


June 21, 2017

You might have addressed this in the past. Why don’t you offer colors?

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