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Thread-Count: Why Everything You’ve Heard is a Lie!

Thread-Count: Why Everything You’ve Heard is a Lie!

Is thread-count important, does it matter? When looking for the perfect set of bed sheets we’ve all been sold the thread-count myth: The higher the thread-count, the better the sheets. 600, 800, 1000, thread counts must be better right??

At Authenticity50 we pride ourselves on being Honest about bedding. Most companies lie about their Thread-Counts and in most cases, higher thread-count sheets equate to LOWER quality!


what is the best thread count for bed sheets


Here’s the lie. An honest 250 thread-count sheet set has 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads. A 750 thread-count sheet set ALSO has 125 vertical threads and 125 horizontal threads! But in this situation, the manufacturers simply creates a thread that has 3 plys (think of a thread made of 3 threads twisted together) and then TRIPLE-counts the thread.


single ply yarn vs multi ply yarn


This 3 ply thread is made with cheaper, weak cotton that requires the extra plys. The lower quality cotton is much less durable, so sheet makers mask this fact by twisting more fibers together! Selling you a so-called 750-thread count set of sheets.

At  Authenticity50, we start with the highest quality extra-long staple Supima® cotton. This extra-long staple cotton allows us to spin a much finer fiber without increasing the number of plys (it also costs us nearly 3x the price of normal cotton). A single-ply fiber will not feel scratchy as there are far fewer ends exposed. The higher quality cotton fiber allows us to weave a fabulous sheet that actually gets SOFTER the more you wash and use it.

The bottom-line: Higher thread-count sheets are, at the very least, a total marketing gimmick by sheet manufacturers to sell their products. The sad fact is that these sheets are often an indicator of inferior cotton and lower quality fabric.

Does thread-count matter

At Authenticity50, we set out to create products that you will love to use EVERY day. The finest bed sheets available at a fair price with an HONEST thread-count. 100% Made in America. With over 1,000 5-star reviews you should check us out HERE

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Have a new mattress and not sure what sheets to get? Check out this guide. 

Honest American-made Bed Sheets, 1000+ 5-Star Reviews. Sold direct at fair prices. Learn more HERE. 


American made pima sheets

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Greetings! My feet move constantly at night and I end up shredding all my sheets, I’m hoping that you may be able to help with? So far I haven’t had much luck in finding durable sheet sets, thank you!


Hi, I was wondering about some sheets I found in Cozumel that were made of bamboo. They did feel great and I was ready to buy some when I noticed they were made in China. The cost was high so I decided not to buy them. I figured if they were made in China it didn’t cost them much to sew up so I figured I would pass because unsure of the quality. Any suggestions?

Authenticity 50

Hi All, apologies for the delay in responding here!
Barbara, Percale will hold up to washings/use better than Sateen and is considered the more durable weave.
Cindy, 1000 thread-count single ply cotton sheets do not exist. Any manufacturer claiming that is using multi-ply yarns.
Alice, Our percale weave sheets are very good at temperature regulation and are designed to sleep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You get the best of both worlds.
Ted, we only sell on our website so that we can cut out retail markups and keep prices down. If we sold in department stores our sheets would be over $300 a set!
Kathleen, thickness does not mean more durability as thick sheets can start to unravel and fall apart. Look for single-ply yarns and a percale weave if you want a more durable sheet. Ideally of Supima or Pima cotton.

Kathleen james

I am intetested in very thick crisp sherts.
I have not found in stores.
Can you please advise me on where I can purchase them.? Thank you so much

Ted Smith

Do you have any outlets in Canada, preferably around the Ottawa area?


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