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Manufacturer Series: Who wants a set of premium linens sewn in America?

Manufactured in America bed linens Sewing up King Flat Sheets

The great thing about creating Authenticity 50, is that we can focus on making the best product available on the market. (Which also happens to be the ONLY product of its kind on the market!)

All of our A50 partners are fantastic. And our Sewers and Technicians are no exception. They are set up exclusively for wide, woven fabric, and eat, sleep and breathe sheeting!  Each set of Authenticity 50 sheets is still individually sewn, one at a time, by a skilled sewer with years, and in many cases, decades of experience. They are as excited as we are to be cutting and sewing domestic fabric again - they know that our business can have a positive impact on their business and help create additional future jobs. We’re really proud to be working with them and plan to help them expand their operation. As we grow, they will grow.


Laying up cotton fabric for Made in America bed sheets

Laying up fabric for cutting

Our Cut & Sew team work on a variety of products, including bedding items for large brand names that you would certainly recognize. These goods are all made of imported fabric and cost more than $300 a set. Our online business model, on the other hand, cuts out the middleman so we can deliver products made by the same craftsmen and women, of superior fabric, starting at only $139.

From 1400 sewers and technicians to 60, a loss of 95% jobs…

We love our team of sewers and feel so fortunate to work with them as we grow. When the 1990’s started and all the big brand names moved production overseas for cheaper labor, domestic manufacturing ground to a halt. They were hit especially hard; their employee count  dropped from 1400 jobs to 60! While they certainly competed on quality, they could not on price. And since cheap was the word of the day, interest in quality quickly disappeared.

Sewn by hand in America

Experienced sewers sewing up Flat Sheets 

We are here to bring quality to the forefront. Nothing cheap, nothing sub-par. We want to do things the RIGHT way, to produce exclusively in America, and help bring these jobs back. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with our team of sewers - we  want to see their operation expand and grow as ours does. We are putting our money where our mouth is, delivering a fantastic product at a fair price, individually sewn by skilled seamstresses 100% in America.

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Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald


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September 26, 2016


Authenticity 50
Authenticity 50

September 05, 2016

Thanks for the kind words Jo! We wish we could accommodate your request for light blue sheets but it’s just not quite possible yet. We hope to have the volume to run colors in the near future. I hope you’ll try us out, I think you’ll like the sheets! :)

Jo McLain
Jo McLain

September 04, 2016

We love your commitment to American made sheets! I’m planning on buying a Queen set in white, but my husband and I would love a Full set and a Queen set in light blue. Any chance of a special order?

Authenticity 50
Authenticity 50

April 11, 2016

Hi Pam,
Thanks for your comment! Our top sheets are actually quite generously sized. They may not seem as large when compared to measurements from other brands but they will shrink MUCH less so the difference between our top sheets and a ‘larger’ top sheep likely won’t be as much as it seems when looking at the measurements.

Thanks for checking us out and hopefully you will try our bedding some day! :)


Pamela Gagnon
Pamela Gagnon

April 08, 2016

I would order these sheets in a minute if the full set had a top sheet that is actually wide enough for a very deep mattress. Bottom sheets now fit well but in order to get a top sheet that fits I have to order tops and fitted sheets seperately.
Really happy to learn of your company though!

Janice Richmond
Janice Richmond

February 09, 2016

Are any of your sheets made with heat set fibers like they used to be made when I was young?
I want to embroider sets and am not going to put that work into inferior fabrics that peel. I want smooth 100% cotton sheets that stay that way for 20 years.

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