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5 Tips to Relax Before Bed

5 Tips to Relax Before Bed

We all want to get a great night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, right? Well a great night's sleep begins with relaxing, and decompressing before you get in bed.

Here are 5 tips to relax before you hit the hay. 

Keep your cell phone out of bed

1) Keep your cell phone and tech gear out of your bed

Using your cell phone to text, check Facebook and read emails right before you sleep will keep your brain fired up rather than winding down. Although it might feel difficult, challenge yourself to put your cell phone away 30 minutes before bed. 

2) Read a fiction book

Fiction helps to take your mind off work, outside stresses, thinking of the future and switches your brain into a lower gear. (note: avoid thrillers if they keep you up :)

Meditate before bed to relax and sleep well

3) Meditate

It's a proven method of relaxation. Taking 5-10 minutes to close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and be present is perfect for winding down before bed. We love the Calm App for it's guided meditations.

4) Take a hot shower before bed

Let's face it, baths are great but how often do we get in the tub. The good news is a hot shower before bed will calm you and soothe your muscles. Not to mention the fact that it's great getting into bed sparkly clean. For you and your partner! :)

Keep your computer out of bed

5) Leave work out of the bedroom

Don't bring anything work related into your sleep space. While it might be tempting to write a few more emails before bed, it's a surefire way to get your mind focused on work and your never-ending task list. This leads to feeling stressed and anxious, instead of calm and relaxed.


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