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Percale or Sateen? Which sheets are right for me?

Percale or Sateen bed sheets. Thread-count, does it matter. Made in USA.

Percale and Sateen are weaves that contribute to how a set of sheets sleeps and feels. When choosing what type of sheets to purchase, keep in mind not only their look and feel, but also their durability and construction.

We’ll make this a quick & easy read, listing the pros and cons of each weave below, so you can make an informed purchase decision.



- A crisp, cool hand-feel.

- It’s the same weave as luxury hotel linens or your Grandma’s comfy sheets!

- Great durability while maintaining softness.

- Breathability; it provides a ‘cool’ sleep on warm nights and ‘warm’ sleep on cool nights.

- Will stand up to years of use.

- Easy to care for.


- More prone to wrinkles.

- Doesn’t have a sheen, or shiny appearance.



- Slick, smooth hand feel.

- An initial, nice sheen to the fabric. (This sheen loses its luster with washing/use.)

- Can have a shiny appearance.

- Slightly more wrinkle-resistant.


- Less durable.

- More susceptible to pilling.

- Does not breathe well.

- Shiny appearance & sheen fades with use.

For us at Authenticity 50 it was a no-brainer. We chose to go with a Percale weave because the combination of a fabulous, crisp, soft hand-feel combined with superior durability resonated with our core values. That said, to get the best out of either weave you want to be using the highest quality cotton available - for us that meant Extra-Long Staple Supima® cotton - superior to and more expensive than Egyptian cotton - that is also grown in America.

The breathability of our Supima® cotton contributes to improved comfort and a better night's sleep by regulating temperature in your bed. Many companies market Sateen sheet sets as a ‘luxury’ sheet. However, think about your Grandma’s super soft linens or your favorite high-end hotel’s white sheets; they are absolutely a Percale weave, with good reason! Percale offers you the best night’s sleep, and does so with style and substance.

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Jimmy MacDonald
Jimmy MacDonald


5 Responses

Authenticity 50
Authenticity 50

April 18, 2016

Hi Phyllis!
Thanks for the question!
We don’t have any direct experience with the Wamsutta sheets. We’d love to hear your feedback on how they compare when you receive our sheets! Please let us know at and I promise we’ll respond to your email.

Bear in mind it will take a few washes and use for our sheets to break-in. They will get better with washes and wear.


April 17, 2016

Are your sheets similar to the old Wamsutta percale sheets? I have been on a mission searching for the crisp percale of yesteryear and was surprised to find forums of people searching for the same. I ordered these just now and crossing my fingers.

Authenticity 50
Authenticity 50

March 15, 2016

Thanks for the comments Dottie & Joe! Joe, nice catch, we’ve been editing and writing a lot and sometimes we miss things. :)


March 15, 2016

This sheen loses “it’s” luster ?


February 26, 2016

I have tried Egyptian cotton sheets, blouses, shirts, etc. and without exception the fabric does not hold up. It simply wears out. Finding an old fashioned Supima Cotton sheet in about 300 ct is all I ask for. Finding it has been a huge challenge. I am still on the hunt. Hoping you can help!

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