A Look Behind the Seams

Weaving the finest Percale fabric in America

weaving machine in a textile mill

The most exciting part about launching A50 is getting to work closely with awesome partners! The people and the mills that weave our fabric are symbols of dedication and hard work that refused to leave our shores. 

Over a quarter of the employees have been with them for more than 25 years and they proudly display the Quarter Century club on their walls. Their plant manager has been with them for more than 40 years and was on the verge of retirement when he gave me a tour of the plant in the summer.

Touring the mill is a lesson in size and scale. The building is massive - it could easily fit 2 or 3 football fields inside the main manufacturing floor! The investment in machinery that they have made is very impressive. There is hardly room to walk between all the looms, spinning machines and quality control equipment that is chugging along, literally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a lot of pride and expertise in running an operation of this scale and magnitude and you can sense that when you walk their floor. We are proud to partner with them and trust them enough to build our business around their mill.

A wall of looms for weaving fabric in the USA. A manufacturing work of art.


The textile industry has been in a perpetual race to the bottom for the past two and a half decades. Most domestic manufacturing went overseas in the 80’s, as companies sought to prioritize their bottom line. Profitability became paramount, and high quality, labor, and materials were sacrificed.

Faced with this situation, the mill we work with decided that in order to survive the pricing wars they had to go the opposite direction. They focused their efforts on delivering the highest quality fabric possible for businesses that cared about their production process, even if the price point was higher.

Quality is the linchpin to their success and they produce superior fabric, at a higher price point. These guys are the exception. Their product is not cheap, if we were to sell our sheets to department stores you would be paying more than $300 a set.

Their focus on premium quality allowed them to stay in business - but even they were hit hard by the mass exodus of manufacturing. They were forced to close 3 of their 4 mills, and layoff many skilled, loyal employees. Of course this is our rallying cry, we want to bring these jobs back! But we need your help and support to do so!

Authenticity 50 is very excited to fully support American manufacturing and this mill, with our premium quality, Made in USA bedsheets. And we look forward to a long-lasting and successful relationship with our fabulous domestic partners!


Our Authenticity 50 Supima® Cotton Sheets have 1,000 5-Star Reviews. See them HERE!

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I love only percale sheets…. buy nothing else. Have slept on microfiber sheets; positively dislike them.

Authenticity 50

Hi Amy,
Watch this space! We hope to be working on towels before the holidays.

Amy Haywood

I’m planning to guy a couple of sheet sets from A50 in the next month or so. I also wanted to see if you have any recommendations for American made towels that are quality? Do you have any partners that sell bath, hand towels and wash cloths? Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 419 reviews
Ellen L. (Chicago, Illinois)
Best blanket!

Love the blanket, it's my favorite!

Candice M. (Cave Creek, Arizona)
Beautiful Looking, Warm and nice and large!

Very Pleased with this oversized comforter. Always had a down. But this blanket feels more secure and is just the right weight when sleeping and is pretty on the bed vs. White. We got the blue herringbone. Its a well made USA product.

Susan F. (Puyallup, Washington)
Best blanket!

Beautifully woven and quality stitching around the edges. The weight is perfect and so cozy and comfortable. I love this blanket. Best blanket purchase ever! Thank you for making it so well.

V. (Burlingame, California)
Great Blankets

Excellent quality, nicely sized (other companies have smaller measurements for a queen size blanket.) Beautiful color and it arrived quickly. Who could ask for more?

Ronald D.V. (Ocala, Florida)

Bought one for my wife and one for me for Valentines day. we are both retired we can’t believe it took us this long to purchase these great blankets. we didn’t know what we were missing!