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American-made kitchen essentials that will help you cook better and make your kitchen look nicer! Each one of these pieces will last a lifetime - and they're all Made in America. 

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Made in usa skillet

All Clad Essential Pan

Do you like to to make decent sized meals, and keep it all in one skillet? We do, less clean up, more fun. This All-Clad skillet is wide enough to sear meat and deep enough for a big pasta or stir-fry. We use this nearly every day!

Liberty Tabletop made in usa flatware

Liberty Tabletop Flatware

Great flatware will last for decades and look great doing it. Liberty Tabletop is the last and only flatware company making amazing flatware here in the States. We use them everyday and recommend them wholeheartedly! 

Field Company cast iron skillet american made

Field Company Cast Iron Skillet

Do you want a skillet that can grill a steak, cook bacon and fry eggs without breaking a sweat? On top of that they get better with use and are non-stick. Yeah, every kitchen needs a cast iron skillet and this model by Field Company is one to check out. You'll literally be able to pass this on for generations.

Made in cookware stock pot

Made in Cookware

Made in Cookware has taken the industry by storm and their stock pot is a great place to start. American-made from start to finish and this will handle everything from beef stew to your favorite pasta. A generous sized stock pot should be in everyone's kitchen. Try it out!

Made in usa blender by vitamix

Vitamix Multi-Use Blender

We use our Vitamix Blender nearly EVERY DAY! It's our powerhouse smoothie blender of choice and while most blenders don't blend or puree anything with ice, the Vitamix powers through everything and after 8 years of nearly daily use it's still going strong. Trusted by restaurants and chefs all over the world, these are used in nearly every major restaurant in America. 

JK Adams cutting board american made

Made in usa rolling pin


JK Adams Cutting Board and Rolling Pin

You'll want a high quality cutting board - since you'll use it every day. Invest in a one that will look good and last a long time. Quality cutting boards feel great to cut on and will take everything your big chef's knife can throw at it. And a great rolling pin is back to basics, no bells and whistles, just quality woodwork. And it won't break the bank! 

Lamson chefs knife

Lamson 8 inch Chef's Knife

The Chef's Knife is where great cooking starts. You'll use it on preparation for every meal and if you love your chef's knife, you'll probably find that you never use any other knives in your cutting block. A dull blade is dangerous and a fine blade will cut vegetables and meat like a hot knife through butter. Don't skimp on this essential piece of equipment. 

Dishware and crockery made in usa

HF Coors Dinnerware 

Classic looks that are always in-style and look good today as well as in 30 years. Free from crazy chemicals and toxins - who want's their food resting on that anyway?! Check them out!

Jacob Bromwell American made cheese grater

Jacob Bromwell World Famous Grater

This cheese grater is sought after by chefs the world over. Who knew that a cheese grater could be famous and adored? Well it ain't cheap but it'll last a lifetime. Perfect for taco night, salads and herbs. 

muffin tins that are made in usa

Nordicware Cookie Sheet

Who doesn't love the smell of freshly baked cookies? Cookie tins are a staple of every kitchen and these have been made in America by a family owned business since 1946. Quality and heritage at a fair price. 

Muffin tins from american made USA pan

USA Pan Muffin Tins

Doesn't get any better than blueberry muffins and these are just the tins for you. Family-owned and manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You may as well have the best tins available. 

King arthur brownie mix

King Arthur Brownie Mix

The best brownie mix that money can buy hands-down. King Arthur has a loyal following of home and professional cooks around the world. Owned and operated by its employees here in America, you can't go wrong with their flours and mixes. 

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5 Responses

Lynette Pruett
Lynette Pruett

January 16, 2019

Here are a few more suggestions for Made in USA kitchen products:
1. Fiesta dishware, by the Homer Laughlin Company in Newell, West Virginia. Gorgeous, dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe dishes that will help you set a “happy” table. And they retire one color each year plus introduce one brand new color, just to keep it interesting! Check out 2019’s “Meadow”, a beautiful shade of green. In addition to dishware, they also make decorative items for all around your home, such as vases, etc.
2. Drinique drinkware and serveware, made in Phoenix, Arizona. Beautiful, unbreakable, and yes, plastic drinkware that looks, feels and “drinks” more like glass than any plastic you’ve ever had your mouth on. And they include a LIFETIME guarantee against breaking or cracking. Not only that, but they are completely flat on the bottom so they come out of the dishwasher (YES, they are dishwasher safe!) perfectly dry! Hooray! Add to it that they stack to save cabinet space and you’ve got a pretty fantastic “glass”!
3. Rada Cutlery makes very reasonably priced knives of all kinds which are remarkable in that they are sharp and stay that way! And they’re easy to sharpen when you need to. They are now making lots of kitchen utensils, too, like spatulas, spoons, slotted spoons, ladles, pizza cutters, and one of the very best vegetable peelers you’ve ever used! The kitchen utensils are safe to use on any cookware, because they won’t scratch anything!
4. Warther Cutlery, a family owned business in Dover, Ohio, still makes their knives by hand, and they offer free sharpening of their knives for as long as you own your knife. All you pay is for the shipping to and from their workshop. But if you can manage a trip to visit them in Dover, you will be in for a treat as you go through their museum that tells the story of how their ancestor, “Mooney” Warther, found a rusty pocketknife as a young boy…and the rest is history. Be sure to check out their website for more info on this amazing family. Higher priced than (3), above, but beautiful masterpieces, destined to become family heirlooms.
5. Nordic Ware, which makes some of the very best decorative bakeware you will find anywhere. Read their story about how this family owned business was about to go under, when a Pillsbury Bake-Off Grand Prize Winner with her Tunnel of Fudge cake recipe baked in a Nordic Ware Bundt Pan in the late 1950’s revitalized this company! They continue to add more new products each year. All work beautifully.
6. Anchor Hocking Glassware makes their glass in the USA, but some of their lids are made in China, so beware! If the lids are made of glass, you’re likely safe assuming they come from America. As we learn more about the dangers of food storage in plastic, make it a resolution to get your pantry into all glass storage this year!
7. Clear Solutions makes a few excellent quality clear acrylic products for the kitchen. Check out their napkin holder, as it not only works great but is beautiful to look at, too!

I could go on and on…finding these companies is like going on a treasure hunt! As we all discover American companies employing Americans and making products here in America, we should all want to share these ideas with everyone we know!

Bette Leal
Bette Leal

June 24, 2018

How about KitchenAid Mixers? They are the best mixers ever.

D Webb
D Webb

June 23, 2018

Every kitchen must include a Made in USA Swing-A-Way Can opener !

Lynda Crampton
Lynda Crampton

June 23, 2018

Yes it is hard to find products that are Made in the USA, but if we search, buy and then let all our friends know and either call or email the manufacturers and thank them, Also telling them that we only support businesses that make their products here. I also have called and emailed Companies that do not manufacture in the USA. I say although your product is what I am looking for, I would rather spend my money supporting USA citizens and their families.

Deborah Cherkas
Deborah Cherkas

June 20, 2018

While I always make the effort to find and buy USA made goods it isn’t an easy task to find these products. I do know that some of All-Clad products aren’t made in the USA and consumers should be aware of this fact.

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