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Create New Years intentions, not resolutions

Create New Years intentions, not resolutions

With a new year, many stress out about creating resolutions - and sticking to them.

Well, we're a few weeks into the new year, have you stuck with the ones you made? Or have you already missed a day for this and a day for that? If so, IT'S OKAY!! We've been there as well, and that's why we've committed to changing our mindset and creating INTENTIONS instead of RESOLUTIONS. The key difference is that you take the pressure off yourself to do a certain thing perfectly, or to be 100% committed with the all or nothing approach. As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try try again!

Here are a few intentions that we've set for ourselves this year. Hopefully it will inspire you, and help you find ways to improve the quality of your life - mind, body and soul. And please feel free to share your intentions with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Photo by Eneko Urunuela


Yoga - we both plan on doing yoga more regularly this year, we're aiming to do it once a week. If you haven't tried yoga, look up Beginner Level videos on YouTube or visit your local yoga studio to try out a class. The combination of mobility, strength and mindfulness is a great way to start or end your busy day, leaving you calm and relaxed when it's over. It is a low-impact workout, but it works your whole body and is highly effective.

(Side note, if you want a great yoga mat that's made in USA check out the Tapas Ultra by Hugger Mugger!)

kettlebells for working out

Photo by Eneko Urunuela

Cross-training and rucking - Kettlebells and rucking have been part of our routine for several years now and this year will be no different. It's amazing what you can do - and the calories you can burn - with minimal equipment like a weighted backpack or kettlebell. Squats, presses, swings, curls and more. You don't need a gym weight rack, a couple of kettlebells or free weights can provide all kinds of exercise! And you can give your knees a break from running and try rucking - i.e., walking with a weighted backpack. It's great for your body, easier on your joints and you can do it with friends.

If you need a great backpack, check out the USA-made Bullet from our friends at Goruck

made in usa goruck backpack
Photo courtesy of Goruck

Hiking - Studies have shown that we physically and psychologically feel better when we get outside and into nature. It's a proven stress reliever, and the best part? There's no gym fees, no gear, no pressure. It's a great way to spend time with family and friends and get out of the city. Plus, you're bound to experience some incredible views!

Photo by Taylor Kiser


Intermittent Fasting - Fasting, are you crazy?! It's not as bad as it sounds. We've been experimenting with intermittent fasting (where you eat all your meals within a specific time-window), in our case 8 hours. So if our first meal is at noon, then we don't eat anything after 8pm. We haven't adhered to this schedule consistently, but we're trying. It's all about intentions, not resolutions, remember! And contrary to what most people expect, we've had higher energy and feel LESS hungry throughout the day. We also save time by prepping two instead of three meals a day, and we try to make those two meals healthy and substantial. But everything in moderation too! Saturday or Sunday means it's okay to splurge, and enjoy a big breakfast and later dinner.

Intermittent fasting is already practiced in many religions at different parts of the year and science is starting to show that there are health benefits to this style of eating. Give it a shot - if it's a potential fit for your lifestyle. It's not for everyone! Here's more information in an article from Harvard.

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We've both been working on mindfulness over the past couple of years, and we've seen great shifts in the way we are thinking and feeling. Meditation is a great way to focus and calm your mind, gain self-awareness, de-stress, recharge mentally, and feel gratitude for life. We aim to spend more time meditating this year on a regular basis, incorporating a practice of at least 10 minutes each day. If you haven't tried meditating, check out the Calm app to learn more about it. Anyone can do it, just give yourself a few minutes and a quiet space! You'll feel better and more focused & energized.

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Social Media:

We're making a conscious effort to spend less personal time on social media and we don't miss it at all. We've regained a lot of time in our day and it's more fun to spend time with our friends and family in person rather than shadow them on social media. Studies have shown that using social media too much can lead to depression, anxiety, isolation, and narcissistic behavior, so try to put down that smart phone and connect more with your loved ones!


We continue to try our best to follow our own advice - and achieve 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night! As parents to young kids, there have been many sleepless nights - but we're thankful to sleep on high quality American-made bedding when we do! :)

Investing in premium sheets is a great way to treat yourself everyday - you'll sleep better and more soundly, resulting in less night wakings. This in turn will lead you to feel better in the morning and be more energized, productive and functional all day.

Thanks for reading, and leave us a comment below about your New Year's intentions. We'd love to hear from you!

Steph & Jimmy


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