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What is the best pillow for neck and back pain?

What is the best pillow for neck and back pain?

If you're 1 of the 100 million Americans that suffers from neck and back pain, choosing the right pillow is crucial for a good night's sleep and a pain-free day when you wake up. Traditional feather or scrap-filled pillows just don't cut it anymore - if you still have one you'll want to keep reading. So that leads to the question: What pillow is best for neck and back pain? Studies have shown that memory foam pillows like our Custom Comfort Pillow are the very best choice when it comes to alleviating and even preventing neck and back pain. Memory foam pillows are the best choice due to their ability to conform to the shape of your neck and the relief they provide on your pressure points.

Woman covering up in a Heritage Blanket while sleeping on a Custom Comfort Pillow.

Memory foam offers superior support

Memory foam pillows offer superior support when compared to traditional pillows. A recent study published in the journal, Applied Ergonomics, compared memory foam pillows to feather pillows and found that the memory foam pillows provided significantly better support for the neck and shoulders. The study also found that participants reported reduced pain in their upper back and shoulders, suggesting that memory foam pillows can benefit the entire upper body.

Authenticity50's popular Custom Comfort Pillow offers the most customized pillow ever, seriously. These incredible pillows have a side zipper gusset that allows you to remove or even add more fill to your pillow so that you get the exact amount of loft your body needs. Never has a pillow been so customizable and adjustable for each sleeper. And guess what - if you do need more fill, we'll send more at no additional cost. Just shoot us an email!

Memory foam relieves pressure points and aligns your spine

Authenticity50's Custom Comfort Pillow is filled with a CertiPUR-US certified shredded memory foam and microfiber that keeps you cool. This proprietary blend helps keep your spine aligned while you're sleeping. According to another study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, the height and firmness of a pillow are essential in reducing neck pain. Memory foam pillows maintain the natural curvature of the spine, reducing pressure points and keeping the head and neck in alignment with the rest of the body. Memory foam pillows also help relieve pressure points, this was even more evident when compared to traditional feather-based pillows. This reduction in pressure points helps relieve pain and discomfort in those areas, leading to a more restful sleep.

Upgrade your pillow today and sleep your best

Memory foam pillows are the best choice for those who suffer from neck and back pain...period. You won't find another pillow that relieves those pressure points, aligns your spine and also offers adequate support on an individual level. If you're in the market for a new pillow, we invite you to try our Custom Comfort Pillow risk-free under our 100 Night Sleep Trial. We've already helped thousands sleep their best, will you be next?

-I tried plenty of pillows and finally landed on Authenticity50’s Custom Comfort pillows. I use these at home and they have changed the way I sleep forever!" -Jenny Marrs

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Great quality and warm


Prefect thickness and well made.

Dana H. (Seymour, Indiana)
Heritage blanket

It’s the perfect one person size, not real bulky, and soft.

James M. (Santa Ana, California)
Lovely blanket

I bought this throw because it also helped the Maui fire victims. But the blanket is great.

One anecdote illustrates how good it is. My daughter had packed her bags for her return to college, including her down comforter. So she walked out to the living room and looked at all the blankets we have (we have a lot), and picked the A50 one, saying “I like this blanket it’s so soft”

My daughter used to sleep with her weighted blanket, and we have other lightweight down comforters, but the A50 was preferred over all contenders.

I can’t speak yet to it’s longevity, of course.

Paula (Mount Prospect, Illinois)
5 stars

These heritage blankets are very well made with high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. There is so much attention to detail and most importantly, the blankets feel great! Love the blankets!