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Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean your Bedroom

Top 5 Ways to Spring Clean your Bedroom

It’s officially Spring, and winter is on the way out! With sunny days coming in, we at Authenticity 50 want to share our best tips and ideas for getting your house ready for the new season.

It’s time to get rid of winter in your bedroom, so follow these suggestions to freshen up your sleep sanctuary:

Sheets hanging to dry

Get some sun!

Your heavy comforters, duvet inserts and blankets should be aired out after weeks inside. Sunshine is a natural deodorizer and disinfectant, so hang a clothesline outside (when it’s not rainy of course!) and let these fabrics breathe. If you don’t have space to set up a line, place them over a chair on an outdoor balcony or in a sunny room where you can get natural light and airflow.

Clean and refresh it all

Give your bedding a good cleaning - including your quilts, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, and shams! Most pillows can be machine washed and dried on a gentle cycle, but check the washing instructions to make sure.

Helpful hint: Wash in order of what goes on the bed first (i.e., start with mattress pads & sheets, end with pillows & shams) so you can put them back on as they come out of the dryer and not have to worry about them sitting in a heap and getting wrinkled! If you have a pile of clothes for the dry cleaners, add your heavy quilts or other dry-clean only bedding items, and get them all cleaned at once.



And don't forget, Spring is the perfect time to refresh your linen closet and get new sheets. Nothing feels better than sleeping on crisp, luxurious new sheets, right? And since you spend one-third of your life in bed, invest in high quality bedding to make sure you're getting a great night's sleep. We recommend Authenticity 50 Signature Sheets :)

Turn that mattress!

Mattresses wear out over time, and unevenly. Extend the life of yours by turning it at the start of each season. Also, clean the surface and sides of your mattress using your vacuum's crevice tool, and spot-clean stains with an all-natural upholstery cleaner. Then sanitize it with some natural disinfectant spray, let it dry, and add your fresh, clean bedding on top.

Properly store your blankets

As the weather warms, you can do away with ultra heavy winter duvets and blankets. After they are cleaned, use zippered cloth-and-plastic bedding bags to protect them when not in use, and keep them from getting dusty. Vacuum storage bags are also a great alternative, they can shrink items down dramatically, creating more closet space. The clear plastic also makes it easy to identify the contents.


Organize your bedroom closet and drawers

Donate or give away old, unwanted, or unused items, and organize the rest by how you get dressed in the morning and by color. Fold your dresser items in a roll shape, so you can maximize your space and have room for everything. Separate drawers by type of item (undergarments, tops, pants, socks, etc.) Your closet will look appealing, and your everyday routine will get easier.

For great tips on how to spring clean other areas of your home, click HERE for Part 2 of our Spring Cleaning Blog Series! And if you have any tips or tricks that you'd like to share with us, please leave them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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