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Our Story


Values Driven 

We're Jimmy & Steph, the Husband/Wife Co-Founders of Authenticity 50. On a mission to outfit our home with Made in USA products we couldn't find Luxe Made in USA Bedding. We researched why there was no made in America bed sheets and found two answers; it's expensive to manufacture here and retail markup is crazy, often 5-10x. But if we cut out the crazy retail markups, we knew we could offer great value to our customers and fair wages to American workers.   

Not imported. UNIMPORTED

A50 was founded on the belief that we can make the finest home goods in the world, right here in America. We don't compromise on quality. We don't compromise on values. We don't manufacture overseas - Never have. Never will. 

Our sheets are 100% ‘seed-to-stitch’ made in the USA.  What does that mean? It means the entire manufacturing process - from growing the cotton, to spinning the yarn, to weaving the fabric - is done here.

American-made, Always, No Compromises

1960: 90% of textiles used in America are domestically produced. Today: less than 3%. We are reversing this trend. We work with the best factories and best people. It costs more, but quality always does.  

Authenticity 50 products will never be the cheapest but they will always be the best value. They will always be 100% American-made. They will always be extremely high-quality. And they will always support domestic jobs and manufacturing. We take pride in what we produce. We want to get you the best product at the best price 365 days a year. We're not imported. We're UNIMPORTED