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What is important when buying Bed Sheets? The 7 Common Bedding Myths.

What is important when buying Bed Sheets? The 7 Common Bedding Myths.

Bedding companies have used false marketing gimmicks for years. Here's the scoop on thread-count, Egyptian cotton 'quality' and 7 common bedding myths.

Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton

Did you know most "Egyptian Cotton" is not actually grown in Egypt?! According to the Wall Street Journal "The Cotton Egypt Association, which licenses the trademark and certifies suppliers, estimates that 90% of products labeled “Egyptian cotton” are fakes." When you see the label Egyptian Cotton, know that it is probably grown in China or India, not Egypt. Supima® cotton, on the other hand, is only grown in California and Arizona and is monitored for quality by the USDA.  



Formaldehyde free bed sheets made in USA

We minimize chemical wrinkle treatments for better breathability, durability and a softer hand. Anti-wrinkle treatments use harsh chemical resins that reduce the quality of the fabric and are potentially bad for your health. Our Signature White sheets are formaldehyde-free; our Carolina Gray has a very low 30 parts per million of formaldehyde, significantly less than the standard 260 parts per million in anti-wrinkle treatments. We chose a great night's sleep over wrinkle-free chemicals.

Thread-count importance

We've written on this subject in The Huffington Post HERE and on our website HERE. A 1000 thread-count set of sheets does NOT mean premium quality! In fact, it is actually a 250 thread-count that is made of 4-ply yarn. What is a 4-ply yarn? Think about when you braid strands of hair together, making one strand out of 3 or 4; that is a 4-ply yarn. 4 X 250 = 1000. 4-ply yarns can use cheap, low quality cotton to drive down costs and are susceptible to pilling. 

Heavy fabric quality

The weight of the fabric has nothing to do with quality in regards to bed sheets. Sheets should have a light, breathy quality to them; allowing your mattress to support you and your comforter/duvet to insulate you. Supima® cotton is 45% stronger than regular cotton which allows for a lighter, more breathable fabric that is also more durable and softer than heavy, multi-ply fabric.

Sateen or Percale bed sheets

Sateen sheets can be very nice, are less prone to wrinkles and offer an initial, smooth hand-feel. However, compared to a Percale sheet their tighter weave restricts air circulation which leads to a hot sleep. They are less durable and more susceptible to pilling while also being more expensive.
More expensive, less durable and a hot sleep; not a good trade off. The exception is if you have extremely sensitive skin they may be your best option.

Should I Hot or cold wash bed sheets

This is largely personal preference. Sheets will last longer if washed on a cold setting, as it is easier on the fabric. We recommend trying a cold wash and seeing if you can tell a difference. Check out our Care Guide for more information HERE.

Get the best sheets you can

We spend 2900 hours in bed every year. Your bed is the sanctuary you go to rejuvenate after a long day. Sleep and other fun things happen in bed :). Investing in quality bedding is a quick and easy way to improve quality of life for you AND your partner.  

Check out Authenticity 50 Made in USA bedding and upgrade your sleep experience! 

Made in usa supima sheets

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Diane Walters

Like everything about the sheets except they are not organic. Concerned about chemicals. I know he white sheets are formaldehyde free but what about chemicals used in production of cotton?


Heard about you through President Trump’s “Made in America” expo at the White House yesterday. I just ordered a set of Queen size sheets and can’t wait to try them! Hope you have lots of new customers from your appearance at the White House. Go Trump!!

Authenticity 50

Hi Steve and Patsy!
Thanks for your color suggestions! We will note these down and try to put them into production in the future! Keep the suggestions coming, we love to hear from customers on what they would like. We are launching our first colors this summer so keep an eye out and join our mailing list for updates!


I vote for a beige color. I see it called sand or prairie. goes with most palettes

Patsy Mund

I love 100% cotton for clothing and sheets,towels most everything. while it is nice to have wrinkle free fabric,the trade off of comfort vs pretty. I’ll take comfort and wrinkles and made in the USA . I would love to have a true Red sheet set,not maroon that is usually called red,I’m talking Red like the stripes in our flag,the firetruck red,any ideas where I could find these ? Thanks for all the facts about thread count and consumer savvy !

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Best Blanket Ever

Exceptional construction and attention to details. The weight is perfect for year round use. We’ve tried many different bedding combinations and fabrics and there’s nothing like cotton! The size on my King was generous and the weave pattern is smooth and comfortable I feel the cost is reasonable for an all American made blanket. Highly recommend

Karen R. (Richmond, Virginia)

LOVE this blanket. We'd had it with thin cotton blankets that over stretch -- this one is such high quality, I understand why they call it 'heirloom.' I gave 4/5 stars only because I waited MONTHS and the neutral colors didn't come back on line (why?) so I had to order the yellow color to get for my bed what I already had for two couch/chair throws. Make more -- and make more neutrals!

George R. (Huntington Beach, California)
Heritage Blankets are made to last!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Authentically50 Heritage Blankets, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations! As someone who values quality and authenticity, this blanket truly hit the mark.

Overall, I can't recommend the Authentically50 Heritage Blankets enough. Not only is it a testament to American craftsmanship, but the outstanding customer support provided by Patrick truly sets this company apart. If you're in the market for a high-quality blanket that's made to last, look no further!

George Rivera,
Huntington Beach, California

N.D. (Irving, Texas)
Prairie Yellow is Gorgeous

Perfectly complements our southwest pillows...this is a beautiful shade of yellow. I searched a lot of bedding sites! Don't be dissuaded by the price; this blanket is a good investment. The quality is great....edges are neat, weight is perfect for year round use, generous size, and the weave is so beautiful you can actually use it as a coverlet as I have. I will soon purchase a second one (desert rose) for our guest bedroom. This blanket is a bit more expensive, but not luxury priced, making it a great value proposition for the years of use it will give.

Tony M. (Nashville, Tennessee)
Great fabrics and colors great feel! Quality!

Wonderful selection of fabrics and colors, love the flow of texture and the quality of goods.